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Velocity-Energy in Singapore

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VELOCITY ENERGY PTE LTD was established in June 2007 and runs till today as a highly specialized service-driven organization serving as an accomplished flow control solution provider. We provide one-stop cost-effective solutions to our customers with the objective of optimizing their assets while minimizing operational downtime.

Headquartered in Singapore, we served the Asia region via our team of regional experts stationed in the various neighbouring countries, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Our business scope involves the provision of an extensive range of products and services to customers from a range of industry sectors including Oil and Gas, Marine, Ship Building, On Shore Petrochemical, Mining and Construction. Our strengths lies in our diverse reach across global networks in sourcing and procurement and well established relationships with manufacturers which ensures reliability in supply of stock and options for clients.

We seek a high standard of performance in the ability to deliver TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and our people are central to the delivery of this strategy. Our team of experienced pre and post sales personnel are geared to work closely with you to deliver the assurance of high quality products and services. Understanding our client’s considerations enables us to identify and provide in both aspects of speed and quality, positioning us as the top viable option.

Velocity Energy continuously develops its broad spectrum of services, turning first-hand experience and problem solving knowledge into offering customized services with state-of- the-art equipment. Our personnel are always ready to provide innovative customized solutions to your specific requirements.