Q345D/E Round bar

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Q345D/E Round Bar (Hot Rolled or Forging)
Diameter: 14 - 350mm

Application:Pull rod, connecting rod, hook, bolt, shaft and welding parts, drilling plateform and huge outdoor machine.

Q345D/E round bar

Steel grades by the representative of the yield strength of the Chinese phonetic alphabet, yield strength values, composed of three parts quality rating symbol, such as: Q345D. Wherein: Q- steel yield strength "Qu" Hanyu Pinyin first letter of the word;345 yield strength value, the unit MPa; D- quality rating of D grade (grade divided into A, B, C, D, E).Q345D is commonly used in China's low-alloy plate. And Germany S355J2, American ASTM A529MGr50 the same level, slightly different chemical composition, mechanical properties of the same.
In normalized terms of delivery, and Germany S355J2G3 the same, and even S355J2G4 almost identical in performance. It can be used interchangeably.

Specifications 8-280. Complete specifications!